Inktober 2020 Day 10: Abandon Hope All Ye Who Enter

This entry is part 10 of 31 in the series Inktober 2020

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The Hope prompt took me the longest to come up with an idea. It’s just hard to marry the idea of hope with anything that’s supposed to be spooky. I even considered straying from my Spooktober theme, but in the end, I found a way to work in a positive concept with Hell. Specifically, I went with a specific quote from Dante’s Inferno — “Abandon hope all ye who enter here.”

This is more text than drawing, really. I couldn’t find a reference for the gates of Hell that isn’t too ornate, so I just came up with something from imagination.

I worked in 2020 in there because fuck this year, man.

This is my least favorite work from the series, which is a bummer. But the good news is everything from this point onward is better. Or at least better liked. By me.

Let me know what you think about this low effort piece of “drawing” by leaving a comment below! Also, I shared my Inktober 2020 entries on Instagram. Follow if you fancy.

Thanks for dropping by! Stop yearning for what you fear for.

  • Crawl
  • Ominous
  • Shoes
  • Float
  • Music
  • Hide
  • Buddy
  • Dig
  • Rip
  • Chef
  • Sleep
  • Coral
  • Dizzy
  • Trap
  • Storm
  • Rocket
  • Outpost
  • Armor
  • Dune
  • Slippery
  • Disgusting
  • Hope
  • Throw
  • Teeth
  • Fancy
  • rodent
  • Blade
  • Radio
  • Bulky
  • Wisp
  • Fish



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